Newspaper – Anyone?

Several days ago, Stephen Downes pointed out this link, adding:

"The end is near for paper-based newspapers."

I can see this on a local level. I am offered a free local Advertiser regularly when grabbing a few groceries at Foodland. This weekend, two plastic wrapped papers were left on our front lawn. I initially thought that maybe there was a home delivery mistake until the offer from News Ltd was in the mailbox was opened. Both papers went straight into the recycling bin without being read.

Interesting turn of events - we certainly need news and reporting, but accessing it in paper form, not so much.

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One thought on “Newspaper – Anyone?

  1. Aaron

    We live in interesting times. One of the concerns that I have is the implication in regards measuring what we read and then feeding ua more of the same. I am sure News Ltd have been doing this for years.


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