Daily Archives: August 8, 2005

My school is having 6 ActivBoards installed and the pioneering teachers need a ICT Learning Community where we can exchange ideas as they happen without the need for extra meetings. Check out the wiki I am proposing that we use at ActivBoarding

I'm hoping that this blog will be a workspace that I can use as an evolutionary tool in my role as an ICT Coordinator here in a South Australian school. I have a number of key factors I want to keep a tab on via this blog so I'd appreciate any contact if you are an expert, know something about or can point me in an interesting direction!! The factors I'm interested are:
Interactive Whiteboards in schools
Problem Based Learning (or inquiry based learning)
Blogging as an educational tool to build learning communities
Training a staff in ICT with a broad range of interests, motivations and confidence levels.
Cheers - keep watching this space.