Daily Archives: October 25, 2005

My thinking has been challenged. More and more I am realising that I need to have my thoughts in order as the official spokesperson for my school's foray in the world of IWB's. In the last two posts I have reported on a point of view that I had not previously considered.

There's nothing a IWB can do that a networked internet ready computer and a decent data projector can't already do.

My immediate response was instant disagreement. I expressed this in my prior post where I "tried" to set Will from Weblogg-ed straight on the value of an IWB. Will responded with a comment on this blog - see here - providing me with a chance to convince him otherwise. I now realise that I was misguided in the way I tried to demonstrate the value of a IWB. I need to talk about and show the unique learning experiences that an ActivBoard or a SmartBoard can offer that can't be replicated by other technology. No one needs to be told how they can do the same things as a Tablet PC. So, thanks to Will, Wendy and any other technology savvy educator who is still waiting to be shown the real value of an IWB, you're made me re-examine my own viewpoint and determine to present real reasons and clear thoughts about why interactive whiteboards are worthy additions to the 21st century classroom. I'm not ready to do that yet in this blog - I need to think, I need to talk to my colleagues, I need to re-visit the research, I need input from like-minded bloggers. Watch this space.