The EdTech Talk Brainstorm Experience

I have to admit it. All this talk about Skype and how easy it is to use and I had never even used it. Sure, I've had it downloaded and sitting on my desktop at home ready to use but it wasn't until Friday that I bought a new headset and configured my Skype account (graham_wegner). Why? Because I had noticed that the next EdTech Brainstorm was scheduled for the Australian friendly time of early Sunday afternoon. I actually didn't intend to participate, just thought I would listen live and monitor how people got invited to skype in and chat away. But I got invited to dial in and after a few times where Jeff Flynn said, "Are you there, Graham?" I got my mic sorted and I got to participate in the brainstorm. Now I'm pretty self conscious about the way I speak and the mute space I was in when I was talking on the chat was a bit unnerving and in my opinion, I did not speak very well and probably sounded like an Aussie drongo. However, it was an amazing thing and well done to both Jeffs and Dave at EdTech Talk for pioneering this sort of thing and being accomodating to someone who is still gripping on for dear life in the fastest learning curve of his professional life! I'll listen to the mp3 when it is posted later on and if I don't sound half as bad as I imagined, I'll post a link to my small moment of fame. I've been keen on all things edtech for many years but 2005 is definitely the year I've got the buzz of excitement back - where everything is fresh and new again. I must getting through to some of my colleagues because I received this comment on the ActivBoarding blog the other day.

I sent a comment to your most recent article but it didn't submit it.
Anyway you can see I'm trying...
Your enthusiasm IS infectious!

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2 thoughts on “The EdTech Talk Brainstorm Experience

  1. John Martin

    It was great to have you on last evening. As another newbie to the EdTechTalk scene, I can relate to your concerns about presenting yourself to a global audience (literally!). You sounded great and it is clear that you are passionate about your work. Hope to catch you there again.

  2. Jo McLeay

    Graham, I know exactly how that felt as I was also invited to talk about my experiences a few weeks ago. I was a bit conscious of my Aussie accent, but overwhelmed at the friendliness of those guys at Worldbridges. Good on ya. btw I’ve been so snowed under that I only feel like half a person not being able to blog as much, but it was the last day for students at my school today, so I’ll catch up on the blogging.

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