Daily Archives: December 2, 2005

We're ready to roll in one of the double computer rooms and Janette Ellis is starting the day by walking us though the creation angle of her e-portfolio. Hers is HTML web page based - looks like it could have been created in FrontPage or DreamWeaver. As she explains, her e-portfolio was very text based but it operates on a very definite structure and incorporated a lot of links. She also pointed out that Paul's structure was well planned with layers of resource links within each section. In Janette's portfolio, images that she has chosen all illustrate skills or initiatives that she has expertise in. She also points out that an e-portfolio is a work in progress - she even goes to sleep with ideas about how to improve her portfolio buzzing around in her head.
Dr. Helen Barrett was next to tell us how her e-portfolio developed. She started her website in 2005 but her portfolio went from desktop to CD to Adobe Acrobat in format. The issue in 2000 was that her faculty had not seen a portfolio in CD form before so she had to supply a 10 minute video on how to navigate the CD! She included reproductions of attestions (what other people have said about you) and productions (photos etc. of things you have created/ been responsible for). She then started to take us through her online portfolio on her website. She trialled 17 different formats and has links to her versions of all of these.
We spent some time exploring mind mapping and how it can be used to organise the content and structure of a portfolio. I signed up for an account at Mayomi - free online mind mappirg tool. After a morning tea break, Helen started to show us how to organise artifacts using an Excel spreadsheet. This was then followed by a half hour setting up of a template plan in Word. I think we will be working on the next part - selection and reflection. I think I'll post back on that at a later time.