Daily Archives: December 5, 2005

It's that time of the school year where all of the long term projects and ongoing bits and pieces come to a head. Now, a lot of this pressure is self imposed. I suffer from that syndrome that my good friend, Lindsay, used to sum up in the sentence, "If you want something done, ask a busy person. There's a reason why certain people seem to be standing around with time on their hands!" I'm one of those busy people.

My most pressing deadline involves the construction of a Yearbook in CD-ROM format for our four upper primary classes. It's produced in webpage format so anyone with a CD drive and a web browser can view the content. I'm the only person on staff with self reliant skills in Dreamweaver and FrontPage to (a) build the structure and navigation to link 120 kids worth of content and (b) able to check and correct that content so that all links work, photos and images are compressed so it doesn't take ages for a pic of three Year Six students pulling silly faces to come into view. Each kid is entitled to 5 MB of content but that doesn't stop some from deciding that 35 wrestling pics and a page dedicated to their favourite mp3's and movie trailers is a great idea. So as editor, I get the job of fixing it all up and deleting the stuff that doesn't fit the original concept and then burning a test CD. If all goes smoothly (and what are the chances of that when you're trying to beat time) I then need to burn 120 copies for all of the students. Now, remember, I volunteered for this so I'm not after sympathy. But it has curtailed my blogging and more importantly my reading. Bloglines is filling up with unread posts, just waiting for responses, opportunities for joining in the conversation drifting past. So, under two weeks of this school year left and maybe I won't feel too left behind. Will the blogosphere stop for Christmas?