Out Of The Loop

It doesn't take much to fall behind in the conversations going on in the blogosphere. It just takes one all consuming project with a looming deadline and the unread posts pile up in Bloglines. I do glance at my account as part of my morning e-mail, electronic calendar check ritual - it's more of a peek to see who's posting and it doesn't really tell me the topics of the moment. And now as I see the end results of my labour (only another 90 CD-R's to burn and package up) I really feel an obsessive need to post something. Anything. And I really need to get reading again and blog on stuff that touches a chord. What I find myself doing is a lot of mental blogging, going through topics and ideas in my mind as I slog through the mundanality of checking links, resizing photos and editing of adolescent grammar. Just proves I'm definitely a "digital immigrant" - because the fear of making errors forces me into old linear methods. But........ ahhhh......the light is at the end of the tunnel. More personal learning and connecting awaits.

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