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I have to admit it ~ I'm addicted to my Pocket PC as an offline blog reader. With a young family, I couldn't possibly spend the time required to get through all the stuff I want to read whilst based at a desktop PC. So I've been trialling two websites that reformat regular web pages into mobile device size. Both are pretty good with the one negative that I have to use Microsoft Explorer to sync Explorer favourites, instead of Firefox. The first tool I used was Skweezer and viewing my newest favourite blog, Artichoke, it looks like this on my Pocket PC.

However, when I use the second, MobileLeap it sometimes reformats in a non-friendly to small screens way. It is not fun to try and read by using my stylus to drag the rest of the text across the screen.

What I really need is a Pocket PC rss reader - anyone know of a good program?

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2 thoughts on “Read Blogs Anywhere, Anytime

  1. Artichoke

    I am in techno_awe of your challenge – and completely unable to help. I will admit at this point to a complete failure in even reliably managing calendar synching. between my T3 and laptop. And after a number of ill advised intervention strategies that saw me duplicating or deleting calendar entries seemingly at random, and some rather foul oaths I retired the device into the care of another more techno_savvy member of.the house. Perhaps I will have to rethink my precipitate actions, persevere, try harder and have another look at pocket technologies in 2006.

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