Skweezing the Edublogosphere

Cheers to Kevin Perkins from who tipped me off to the fact that their service, Skweezer accepts RSS feeds and reformats them for the small screen. I still have yet to work out how to set Mobile Favorites in Explorer to update it for me automatically because going to each individual blog's Skweezed page and re-doing Create A Mobile Favorite is rather defeating the purpose of saving time by offloading to my IPAQ for offline viewing. I know Skweezer will keep a list of Favorites for me on their site and they will always have the latest version of a feed but what trips me up is setting the list up once in Mobile favorites does not guarantee that Explorer will "harvest" the Skweezer mobile pages and sync them for me automatically. Maybe I just need to save my pennies for a wi-fi IPAQ. I know Leigh is in love with his.

Interestingly, maybe because I'm just not that bright, I didn't connect Kevin to his company straightaway and I did a Google search to see where he was mailing from. It wasn't until I stumbled on this link, that I realised he was from Skweezer, and his company have been copping some flak from bloggers who were unhappy with their pages being re-formatted, losing their Google ads and having Skweezer's advertising partners featured instead. There were a batch of complaints following this post where bloggers complained of lost revenue due to decreased traffic and their intellectual property being hijacked (their words, not mine). I have to admit, I had noticed advertising but I didn't really care because of the great job Skweezer did of making blogs readable offline. And tonight when I tested Kevin's tip and loaded my own feed in, there were no ads at all. So, Kevin and Skweezer, I think your service is great, I appreciate the advice and maybe these bloggers should be contacting you to strike up a deal and being proactive with their income stream instead of reactionary.

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