Check Out My New Theme

Thanks to James Farmer and his super-administrator skills, this blog has its own customised theme. Pretty cool, eh? Well, there are a few bugs to be ironed out like the tagline in the header and the links that go nowhere but James has given me solutions to work on to fix them up. Now I know nothing about php or css so it was a lot of logical guesswork to even insert my own header image (the Photoshop editing of the image was way easier) and my dreams of my own hosted webspace have been tempered by reality. I'm on a good thing here at edublogs. I did really like my first theme, Green Marinee, but it wasn't really mine. And seeing it couldn't be edited easily to include a personal header image, I went looking through the web for an attractive, adaptable theme. I found Blue Horizon which was a redesign by Kaushal Sheth. Even though his orginal header was extremely attractive, I thought I could find something more me. I hunted through my archive of digital photos from class camps dating back to 1998 but they were all too small pixel wise to be suitable so I ended up adapting an image featuring your truly presenting about, you guessed it, interactive whiteboards. It might scare a few people away but it's like putting up an old photo in a new office - it denotes ownership and the fact, I want this edublogging adventure to continue.

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