More Credit Needed For James

I've blogged before about how fantastic the setup is here at edublogs and how James has given the education community a great place to host their blogs without the technical hitches. However, there are hitches and he has to shoulder them off his own bat - new server upgrades, hosting services etc. He even has to help out plebs who want their own personal theme but can't get the tagline or links menus to display properly (thanks heaps, James). So, when he sent out the latest edublogs newsletter where he ponders how to fund this project that keeps outgrowing itself, I think we (edublogs bloggers) all need to publicise that this is a great opportunity for a sponsor who wants to be involved in education and be Web 2.0 relevant as well. I quote from the newsletter:

Essentially we are going to need a dedicated server very very soon as in the first place we are running out of bandwidth / space and in the second I figure we will all be happier with better performance (especially around backups). The problem is, however, that it costs.

He offers solutions as well:

* Plain old simple advertising as a supporter of

* Inclusion (and write up) in the newsletter

* Inclusion in the backend of each blog (this can be done in a number of ways)

* Partnership in offering users tools and services

Now if anyone who reads this humble blog sees this as the best opportunity of this financial year, then contact the man himself. The edublogosphere will be a better place for it.

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