Daily Archives: February 1, 2006

I've conducted a Technology Survey of my 5/6 class here at school (10/11 year olds) to see how digitally native they are and to see if there was any sort of digital divide that might be barriers in my increased use of Read/Write technology. (We started a class blog the other day - when it gets a bit more organised, I'll post a link.) So I've tallied up the results in a spreadsheet and it makes interesting reading. I got 28 surveys back out of 29 students and all have a computer at home and all but 3 have internet access.

Ownership of mobile phones and mp3 players is split pretty evenly but that would be a different number than from two years ago. 18 out of the 28 homes had more than one game console system with one boy listing 6 different systems at his house! I also provided an internet activity section based on the Pew Internet Survey where online games and entertainment websites led the way - interestingly, at this age, Web 2.0 has yet to make a difference as only 2 students said that they used the internet as a place to write their opinions. Perhaps that is still to explode - or more the domain of high schools kids. Anyway, as it is anonymous, I've uploaded the survey to my rwlo.org site so anyne who is statistically minded and wants to see the technological grasp of Adelaidean tweens, check it out.