2 thoughts on “Wikiville – A Great Place To Connect

  1. John P

    Hi Graham,

    Thanks for the attribution. Had a qucik look through your blog an noted lots of common themes, Interactive whiteboards, blogs, FURL, professional development. Methinks we should compare more notes via email.

    John P

  2. Bill Kerr

    My feeling about a wiki would be to start off small so that students get the feel for it first. I’ve had a brief trial using 37 folders and will try again.

    One idea: Encourage small groups of students to setup private spaces and give them 5 minutes of lesson time for a few weeks to exchange ideas there. They would be private, PW protected. Some groups would end up sharing what they are doing there with me (from past experience) so I would learn about them but they would be in control.

    Follow up: After they have had some experience using a wiki in their small private groups try again with a whole class exercise and see if the posts become more mature – still searching for a good theme though

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