Daily Archives: February 16, 2006

My class is currently on camp at Arbury Park Outdoor School just out of Bridgewater in the Adelaide Hills. I am sort of involved, commuting back and forth between my Problem Based Learning commitments back here at school. I'm heading up there again this evening to spend the night as the adult in charge of a dorm full of eleven year old boys. Fun... However, I just want to post a few pics of the bushland there as the group sat and calmed down to listen to the bushland sounds. We trekked off for a hike and then sat all of the kids in this clearing while Richard, one of the Arbury Park teachers got the kids to stay silent for several minutes and just listen. It really takes an effort for city kids to actually slow down mentally and do this - maybe their brain is hardwired to resist it because it craves instant stimulation. Anyway,while we were sitting there I fired off a few digital shots in a variety of directions and here are the results. For privacy reasons, I haven't included any shots of the kids.