Future Directions for South Oz E-Portfolios

This Wednesday I'm going to a workshop after school titled "ePortfolio for Professional Learning" which will "build on momentum and outcomes of December 1st & 2nd conference using evaluation responses." This was the conference where Dr. Helen Barrett was the keynote speaker and where our system's shiny new Professional Standards for teachers were unveiled. So if I am to be a meaningful participant, I'd better clarify my thoughts before I go so if I get the opportunity, they can be aired.
So where do I stand on the topic of e-portfolios in my education system?

  • Well, I haven't touched any of my starting point files since the workshop so time is a big issue. Time to design, time to reflect, time to put the whole thing together.
  • If e-portfolios are to have a viable, long term future then our system has to fund and provide permanent digital space for all DECS employees and students. For as long as they are part of our system - with an opportunity for retirees and school leavers to transfer their life work off to their choice of server repository.
  • For me, a blog is not an e-portfolio. A blog is not even just reflection which is where I disagree with Dr.Helen Barrett. It is connection with others that is really the big deal in blogging, but a portfolio is a summary of one's work and directions. Portfolio = learnt. Blog = learning.
  • Digital access for all portfolio participants in their work environments is crucial. My class can't put together a portfolio of work in a 45 minute session in the computing room once a week. It can't be done if technology is inaccessible or unreliable.
  • Purpose has to be defined. Who is it for and why do they need to view a portfolio? We can't afford in this day and age of accountability to be too utopian. (Or should we?)

It will be really interesting to see what others have to say. I'll post back on anything of interest.

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One thought on “Future Directions for South Oz E-Portfolios

  1. Bill Kerr

    hi graham,

    Even as you define them I think the connection b/w blog (learning) and portfolio (learnt) is dynamic and flexible.

    I might blog a draft and then refine it later and post it on my website. But once on the website I still might see the need to edit it later on as I learn more.

    I agree with Siemens when he says the half life of knowledge is shortening and so knowledge itself is becoming more dynamic, less fixed, if it ever was fixed

    I think blogging starts off as an online diary and only later develops more life through comments and connection with others. Sure, that’s much more interesting but blogging has a static nature too and blog urls are permanent, an important point.

    I don’t much like the term e-portfolios and don’t use it, it sound pretentious to me. I keep my more permanent stuff on a static website. No big deal.

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