MYLU To Present At Middle School Conference

Late last year, I compiled an abstract on the last day of term on behalf of our Middle Years Learning Unit team (MYLU for short) for the Third International Middle Years of Schooling Conference being held here in Adelaide in August and yesterday, I found out that we've been accepted to present! The e-mail started off as follows:

The conference organising committee is pleased to advise that your abstract "Engaging The Digital Native - Use Of New Technologies In The Middle School Classroom." has been accepted for a concurrent paper presentation at the Third International Middle Years of Schooling conference 5 - 7th August 2006.

How cool is that? The title indicates a fair bit of Prensky influence (some people at work think that judging by the amount of times I've mentioned his name, he must be a hero of mine) but it reflects a metaphor that has had heads nodding in agreement about how to cater for this current generation of Aussie middle school kids. I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be more work to this than meets the eye, but it should be great to present at such a big conference. I know that Nat, my tandem teacher, is a bit nervous about the prospect and was a bit jumpy when I suggested that she be the lead speaker! Watch this space as we get our act together and tell of our story (yes, IWBs will be mentioned, sorry!)

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