Watch For The SuperBloggers

For a while, my Bloglines account has steadily built up when I've been busy and then it's a case of reading to catch up. Some of the bloggers I subscribe to pour out an enormous amount of content. I sometimes like to think of them as superbloggers. They post daily at the least and can post in the double figures on occasion. They read widely which is where a lot of the content comes from and that in turn gives me extra leads to follow. At one stage I had over ninety unread posts from Christian Long's think:lab and I valiantly tried to plough through it all because the high quality of information but I had to move on. I've still got one saved in Bloglines that I think is excellent and I'd love to expand on it properly sometime in the future. For readers who are unfamiliar with Christian's work, it has a focus on school design and he has the most complete set of links to online journals, e-zines and quality edubloggers going around. He blogs broadly across the whole spectrum of education - I am just amazed by how much he pumps out.
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Another super blogger who contributes widely in a variety of settings is Miguel Guhlin from Mousing Around. I have to admit - it took me a little while to appreciate his work but now I'm a big fan. I like his tangential style (probably because it strikes a chord) and two recent posts have been amongst my favourites. But it's hard to keep up with all of his posts and that doesn't account for all of his podcasts as well.
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I'll just highlight one more edublogger that should be in your feedreader - if you can handle the pace - and that's Autono Blogger's Marco Polo. A self described compulsive diarist, I counted 10 posts in one day recently.
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You know those days when you wish one of your favourite bloggers would post, it's been too long, you're longing for their insight - well, slot a superblogger into your Bloglines and you'll never have one of those days.

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5 thoughts on “Watch For The SuperBloggers

  1. Wesley Fryer

    The issue of blog post quality versus blog post quantity is a valuable one, but like you I enjoy posts from Miguel and many others… although I admit I cannot keep up. But I think that is ok. Many people are blogging for themselves as well as for others. I think we live in a day where in order to be relevant, things increasingly need to be digital. That way they are archived and can be googled for later reference! The pace of change and speed of the information deluge is just going to keep accelerating, I think. Thankfully we have tools like RSS and feed aggregators to help us keep up.

  2. Graham Wegner

    Wesley, I think that you could stake a claim for “superblogger” status yourself. I have 59 unread posts from your blog unread in Bloglines collected over a short period of time. I’m still trying to find a spare hour or two to look through the posts properly. Will Richardson certainly has you tagged as a hard to keep up with blogger (and he’s no slouch.)

  3. Miguel Guhlin

    Thanks for the “superblogger” status. Wes is right…much of the writing is for ourselves, and that it serves another purpose, well, that’s great, too. With this much of myself “out there” for the world to read, i do hope a potential employer reads it. I hope everyone knows where I stand. I’d hate to walk into a job and find out they hired me because of the suit that I wore, the way I answered an interview question just so on a particular day was the exact right thing to do…and if found wanting, if my work is not appreciated, then so be it.

    As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to hope that people will see a bit of what it means to be a writer, an educational technologist, a teacher, and administrator by watching me, and maybe, get the point of what it means to be that kind of person.

    We are the stories we tell, each of us on a hero’s journey hoping to connect our stories with that of others. Thanks for including me in the band of heroes, companions all.

    Miguel Guhlin

    P.S. Wes Fryer IS a superblogger! There is no denying it. I believe him to be the pre-eminent blogger of the year and that’s not taking anything away from anyone else, either!

  4. Graham Wegner

    To me, tangential means that you start writing down one track but go off on tangents as elements you draw in require more elaboration. It is a compliment – I would describe my style as being quite tangential, adding layers and requiring redirections to get back to the topic at hand. It takes a disciplined (or one track minded) writer to stick solely to the topic at hand!!

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