CoComment Tool – Maybe Cool?

I signed up for a CoComment account a while back because I thought it would be a great way to track conversations arising from comments I've placed around the blogosphere. I like to think that I give comments a fair bit in a wide variety of locations and I'm a strong believer that it is required etiquette to do so. For a while I tried D'Arcy's idea of tagging my comments to my account under the tag blogcomment to see where I'd left my mark on the web. I will still occasionally do an update there because CoComment doesn't appear to be retrospective I can't go back and save any previous comments. I can only be disciplined and start from today and remember to hit the CoComment bookmarklet before I post the comment. My other problem is that I switch around computers at work a lot as part of my role and I am very opportunistic when I do so. I might see a post on the staff room computer when I check Bloglines and comment straightaway, I could be on the classroom laptop or any number of machines in the computing room throughout the day. Maybe when I get my new work laptop, I might get away with a bookmarklet there and here at home on the desktop but my commenting habits just might get in the way of using this cool new tool properly. Shame - a whole overview of where I am involved in blog conversations would be excellent.


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