Must Read Blogs Not Mentioned In Edutopia

David Warlick blogged about the Edutopia Best Blog For Teachers article that gave he and Will Richardson guernseys for being Must Read blogs for Edutopia readers. I must admit that I very rarely look at Edutopia but the concept of the Must Read blog for educators is one that I concur with. In fact, I have a Must Read folder in my Bloglines account that is always the first port of call when I check my feeds regularly. Last year when I was still wetting my feet blogwise, I had the gall to name my Top Five Blogs (at the time) which was actually seven blogs that I was reading avidly. But the great thing about blogging is that you can constantly keep connecting to new sources and what speaks to you changes as you read more widely. So this is not a re-run or a new Top Five - if you link back, I still read all of my original list and highly recommend them. Will is now part of, Leigh has moved to NZ and is still in fine form, Jo is getting her story in the papers, and the others are consulted on a regular basis. But my new must reads are different, more acquired taste-wise and best of all, they make me think, really think in that sort of "can't get that idea out of my brain" way. Extra Must Reads you should consider - if you are already reading them, well done and what do you think?!

  1. Borderland. Doug is fantastic - a social conscience, a regular classroom teacher with an ability to chronicle his world in a way that draws you in. I have learnt a lot about injustice in American education from Doug, as well as many inspiring anecdotes from within his practice.
  2. Artichoke. I can't wait for the next installment to decipher. Arti also gives me pointers towards relevant resources in my practice and makes me question what I have had blind faith in.
  3. Blue Skunk Blog. I've sung Doug Johnson's praises before - in Australian slang, he can be a bit of a stirrer. All the more reason to be reading.
  4. Teacher In Development / Palimpsest Redux. A bit of a cheat here plunking two together here but two teaching brothers with a lot of high quality reflection in two different parts of the world. Aaron takes ideas from all over the place and runs with them, and James (a new father again) ponders the difficult questions being a teacher throws at you.
  5. Cool Cat Teacher. I keep checking my feeds to see what Vicki has written. No-one is more inspiring and upbeat (and I did appreciate her words of encouragement on this humble blog a short while ago) and covers the possibilities of a Web 2.0 classroom as well.
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4 thoughts on “Must Read Blogs Not Mentioned In Edutopia

  1. Aaron

    I am humbled that you include me in your “must read” category. I appreciate your appreciation! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ideas, especially around ePortfolios. You have really helped to spur my thinking on in this matter, and I’ve totally enjoyed reading about your trails and testings around encouraging your fellow teachers to get into the exciting world of web 2.0.

    In my books, you’re a “Must Read” blogger as well.

    Thanks again,
    Aaron in Mexico City

  2. james matthew


    Thank you for the strong reference for both myself and my brother. I am glad you still consider my blog noteworthy, as I feel I have been on blog hiatus for some time now…

    Thanks again for the encouragement.


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