We Now Have A Plan.

I know it seems like a lot of posts here seem to meander around future plans and there seems to be excessive verbiage about what are fairly everyday presentations for a lot of people in the edublogosphere. Some of the bloggers I read seem to present every other month at some conference or another and they certainly don't post about every minor step when planning what they are going to present. However for a few reasons, this space is still going to feature updates and progress reports on the two presentations I have a hand in this year. The reasons are:

  1. Australia is not aflow with conferences and they are a big deal to go to, even bigger deal to present at. I'll go to two, three tops this year. Will Richardson will probably go to three this month!
  2. Some of my colleagues involved read this blog as a way of being informed.
  3. I need all the feedback I can get. I'm not a naturally confident public speaker and it has taken this blogging caper to have the dawning realisation that my experiences and ideas are valuable to others.
  4. It's my blog and I can use any way I want!

So tonight the MYLU team met to continue planning for our Middle Schooling Conference presentation. I got them on board with the wiki, talked through what we wanted our audience to walk away with and then outlined a possible presentation framework. Here's what we came up with - responsibilities to be allocated down the track......

  1. Introductions.
  2. History of the MYLU.
  3. School history of IWB journey.
  4. Linking of the "digital immigrant, digital native" metaphor to our understanding of today's Australian middle school student.
  5. Use of Marc Prensky's implementation of technology into the classroom model - dabbling, old things in old ways, old things in new ways, new things in new ways.
  6. Providing of Flipchart examples showing the MYLU teachers' IWB use moving through these phases.
  7. Examples of student use of IWB's - moving from teaching tool to learning tool.
  8. Use of other new technologies in MYLU - the PBL program using wikis.
  9. Q & A at the conclusion.

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3 thoughts on “We Now Have A Plan.

  1. Doug Noon

    Your points 1-4 in the Reasons Department are all excellent and I think increase in validity with their place in the list (#4 being most relevant).

    There are several things I did before I had a blog that I wish I could just look up now, instead of having to root around in some ancient corner of a hard drive on a computer that I barely use anymore, that runs on funky software that is no longer supported. And of course, there’s always the chance that someone will come along and leave you a useful comment (unlike this one) that will make a difference in the way you look at what you’re doing.

    I say, blog the projects.

  2. Aaron

    You know what? I agree 100% with Doug on this. Blogging your projects or even saving them online in some format or other, will be something you thank yourself for MANY times in the future. While not exactly what you’re talking about, I’m totally LOVING my delicious account for just that. It has saved my brain, and my memory many difficult moments.

    I also really like reason #4. I also really like your blog, and will read it, projects and all. (And will likely learn tonns from them!)
    Thanks for posting!

  3. Annabel

    Hi Graham

    The plan is well thought out. I feel that it is important that we give the background about MYLU and then take people on our journey with IWB.

    If possible when looking at the IWB was a learning tool we could have some students at the conference also sharing their work.


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