Live Blogging from ICT Research Expo – Session One.

Digital Cameras in the Junior Primary Classroom

Annette Davey and Diana Smith from Port Lincoln J.P.

Their research question was: How does the use of ICT and in particular digital cameras and related technology enrich the early Literacy shills acquisition of new Reception students?

The two teachers maintained a professional journal - used Word, then Publisher. At reception level, then is a lot of focus on acquiring alphabet shills and basic word skills. The computer assisted in the motivation of constructing words for these young students. The computers provided the interconnectedness needed to relate the skills to real life for the kids. ICT provides a way for students who have poor handwriting to experience success. The use of photos helped to engage the Students in their oral language because a photo from within the classroom can generate high quality conversation. One great example was that a digital camera was sent home with a child whose property was affected by the Port Lincoln bushfires early last year to take photos every few months of the regrowth. Ever in the JP classroom, if pencil and paper as not "cutting it" then we have to move with the times and use new technologies for engagement. Some parents were reluctant to have young children using computer, but the research project has helped break down that barrier.
The research impact was the use of extra staffing time (FIR) was used by teacher, in a team teaching situation, so that teaches are gaining shills along side of the computing specialist. As with all good research projects, it raise more questions to be answered.

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