Live Blogging from ICT Research Expo – Session Two.

Creating animations through peer tutoring.

Mandy Way, Karen Butler, Averil Pope and Malcolm Woolven from The Pines PS.

Their research question was: I'll show you - creating animations through peer tutoring.

Using the program Swish to improve the literacy outcomes of ESL students was the focus. We saw a short video clip showing the kids working on their presentations using the program, Camtasia which was used to peer tutor each other as a way of getting students to use a multimedia literacy skill set. Now one of the students from the project is giving us a quick demonstration of Swish. Two other students are now showing how the peer to peer tutoring in Swish occurs with one experienced student and a hard picked "novice" looking over her shoulder! The first student showed her partner how to do a simple effect and quickly had her up and running. By getting kids to record their voice on their demonstrations then they can hear back how their oral language was going and the teachers can track their oral skill development. The next development was to use Audacity to add music or effects to improve the final product and make them more engaging.

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