Daily Archives: June 1, 2006

For those of you who read this blog via an aggregator or don't always read the comments, Terry Freedman provided me with one of the best quotes of the year regarding my Blog On post.

People who make those sorts of comments would make them whatever the subject. It’s a reflection of them and their level of consciousness rather than a reflection of what they think about anything in particular. As the Sufi saying goes, “When a pickpocket looks at a Holy Man he sees only his pockets.”

And via David Muir's post on Alan November's keynote at eLive06 who posted this quote that proves trying to keep things simple doesn't always work:

“The past is over” - George Bush.

Couldn't have put it better myself.....

I love Bloglines. It's one of the first things I check every day when I log on at work and I check for updates far more often than is healthy. But when you are subscribed to a lot of feeds (that's 107 at last look) some of them can build up in a big backlog of unread posts. So today I acccidentally clicked ** Updated Feeds and every post sitting unread migrated from unread status to the right hand pane ready for reading. Whoops! Luckily it was after school so I sat down and starting scanning and reading all the way from top to bottom. A bit of a drastic way to clear the decks but maybe a blessing in disguise. So after 42 posts from Christian Long, 30 odd from David Muir as well and lesser amounts from everybody else, I had a blank Bloglines account - just like a clean desk! Except for one thing, other posts starting rolling in the left hand side as I skimmed and read and within the half hour, there were at least 10 - 20 new unread posts waiting for me!!!