E-Learning Week In South Australia

This week is eLearning Week here in Adelaide and a few events have been lined up to try and raise awareness of what eLearning is and what it means here in South Australian education. The big event for me of course is the Masterclass on Blogging with Barbara Ganley and James Farmer on Thursday evening, which I've mentioned in a previous post.

Now, as blogs can also be a platform for self promotion, I am going to highlight one part of E-Learning Week that I've had a hand in setting up. One of the organisers contacted me re: an asynchronous event that could run in the background of the week, something participants could enrol in, log in and explore under their own steam that brought together some of the department's future focus with what is developing on an broader, more global scale. It's titled the E-Learning Week 2006 "Sampler" Event, hosted on a TSOF Moodle site with different sections to explore and participate in (quizzes, polls, forums, external links etc.) My contributions were in the Education Blogging section (what a surprise), E-Learning Experts and a section on Interactive Whiteboards. The E-Learning Experts were all well known to edubloggers - David Warlick, Jay Cross, Stephen Downes, Dr.Helen Barrett, Wesley Fryer, Will Richardson, Doug Johnson and Marc Prensky - I'm even let Wes know about this via a comment on his blog and he said he'd be keen to participate, maybe throw a few thoughts into my blogging forums. So I e-mailed him enrolment instructions. So, I'll throw it open a bit more. Are there any other bloggers who'd want to have a poke around? I can't post an open URL because of the copyright restrictions on the Learning Objects section (yes, Leigh, I can hear you snickering) but I'm happy to forward an enrolment invitation to anyone who emails me with a request. I might be completely underwhelmed but outside input into this could really demonstrate the collective networked power of education based blogging.   

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