Daily Archives: June 11, 2006

As I've been pushing my point of view that if you want to get your students into blogging, then you need to be a blogger too, a couple of interesting posts of a supportive and expansionary nature have appeared as a direct or indirect result. Firstly, Doug at Borderland has analysed my previous post and reflected on points raised within and the comments continue that conversation. Read both for a full picture.

Then this afternon, I read this great post from Dean Shareski about the importance of comments in the whole blogging scenario. I left him a comment but ironically, his site rejected it and I lost my contribution. So, the guts of what I said went along these lines:- If you are going to maintain a blog, then allowing comments and leaving comments for others is vital to actual participation in the conversation. I agree that turning the comments off is an act of fear or an act of arrogance. If it's one of fear, then the public online space is not the place to air your thoughts or ideas because others will want to interact with them. Keep a diary in a Word document if you must. If it's because you can't be bothered reading them, worrried about spam, but you want others to read your stuff - well, it will look like a self appointed expert dispensing wisdom from up high on a pedestal. Dean's post is right on the money - if only I could have commented then - ironically, I hope this trackback gets there as a back up!

Photo credit - Comments by ONE/MILLION Flickr Creative Commons images.