2 thoughts on “Tablet PC Drawn Cartoon

  1. Artichoke

    Ahh Graham, I can see a whole new career beckoning –

    Perhaps you could introduce a new name of blog-cartoons/ blog-comics/ blog graphic novel – like Doug has for “metablognition”


    Must try one myself

  2. Graham Wegner

    I was always a keen drawer of comics and cartoons as a kid. The exercise books that were only half full at the end of the school year were pages that were begging to be filled by characters styled in the image of Hanna-Barbara’s finest. It’s a skill that has lain dormant for many years but now I can inflict my creations on the world! Blogoons – maybe the key is that they must be completely digitally created to qualify. My earlier effort was a scan of a hand drawn effort which accounts for a cleaner looking image. Like all cartoons though, the key is having something to say. Inspiration is an infrequent visitor so if that image makes you cringe, relax – it’ll be a while before the next one comes.

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