My Top Ten Posts… For What They’re Worth!

Although it is rarely a good idea to do something just because everyone else is, I can't resist the call emanating from the Cool Cat Teacher Blog, challenging edubloggers everywhere to list their Top 10 posts. I assume it's a personal choice because otherwise I'm going to have to go digging through my Google Analytics data again to work them out by viewer popularity (although that's not the phrase used within GA). I like the idea because it does give me an excuse to review my body of work on this blog, and if you've only been reading this blog for a while (I think I have 31 Bloglines subscribers now!) it's a good way to read some handpicked highlights where the words fell together in a coherent and informative way. I'll try to show a good spread across my categories and a very brief extract for these ten.

10. Read Blogs Anywhere, Anytime
My obsession with my Pocket PC was in full swing and I was regularly downloading blogs to read at this stage.This obsession waned this year when I got my work wireless Tablet PC but it's actually easier to read and digest bloggers' thoughts on a handheld.

9. Disagreeing With A Legend
Will Richardson was one of my earliest blogging role models (still is) and I thought I was being brave going out on a limb critiquing one of his posts. I thought I was safe in my anonymity but I was blown away when Will himself commented on the post and was really encouraging.

8. The Magic Of RSS
My first attempt at blogging a workshop here - still, turned out pretty well and demonstrates how much the learning can be captured.

7. My Copyright Ignorance
Blogging introduced me to the Creative Commons concept and has given me a fuller understanding of Intellectual Property issues. This post was important in helping me to put common educational practice here in South Australia into perspective.

6. Is It Possible To Have Self Directed PD?
Ahhh! My utopian dream of providing just in time PD for my staff using this idea was shattered by the Common Report, the glaring focus of Interactive Whiteboards at my site and the fact that everyone else didn't have time for a new approach. There's still hope and it is my personal PD model.

5. Flattening The Pyramid Of Influence
Speaking of utopian dreams, this post combines hope and cynicism in equal measure and had Stephen Downes applauding my mathematical ability.

4. Blog On
By far, the biggest comment response for any post on my blog so far. I must have hit a nerve.....

3. Portfolios - To E Or Not To E!
This post had its genesis in the comments section of Leigh Blackall's blog and introduced me to the forward thinking Alexander Hayes. So much extra learning and broadening of ideas have occurred from all three of us participants and I just tried to summarise the conversation.

2. On The Go Or On The Wall
I'm really proud of this one. It followed on from conversations with Alex regarding mobile technologies and the cartoon that was almost an afterthought was remixed here, here, here and here!

1. My Mate, Tom.
I worked really hard on this one, crafting it as opposed to just writing it. I dug back through email archives to get accurate information and it is as much a tribute to a really good friend as a story of my journey through the history of the internet.

Cheers, Vicki, for the challenge. You're in for a bit of reading. Oh yeah - technorati tag: mytop10eduposts

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3 thoughts on “My Top Ten Posts… For What They’re Worth!

  1. SouthOz

    I enjoyed reading your “handpicked highlights” covering a diverse range of issues, Graham. Definitely one of the top Ozzie edubloggers!

  2. greg carroll

    Hi Graham,
    Re the self-directed post …. I think the focus should be on professional learning, and I think this is what you are really meaning(??) PD is something we do TO teachers and professional learning is something they do FOR themselves. People can sit in a seminar, or through a conference, but so what?? What learning has resulted?? What changes in pedagogy have they made?? What did they do on Monday?
    Choosing opportunities to support a self-guided and self managed development plan is something we should be aiming for for all teachers. Lets model the action-research/ Inquiry Learning model we are promoting for kids for teacher learning too!

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