Daily Archives: July 11, 2006

Been playing with QuikMaps over the past week and found it to be a really easy tool to use especially if you don't want to mess around with geographical coordinates. I put a map in preparation for my workshop that shows where comments are coming to this blog from around the world. I couldn't seem to get the code to stick in this blog so here's a screen grab linked to the actual map so that you can click and see who's commenting from where. I've had to add a few quite distinguished names to the map lately but I appreciate all equally.


Earlier in the year, Will Richardson highlighted a pay for test results plan coming out of Texas that had him "oy"ing in dismay. I was astounded at the time and said so in the comments section but thought that maybe it was a particular peculiarity of that US state. After all, Wes Fryer was putting the Texas education system under the blowtorch in his most recent post.

But our federal leaders obviously think that plans like this are the way to improve Aussie education, as highlighted in The Australian yesterday and today. It's still unclear how the rewards would be calculated and whether they will be tied to standardised test results. Why do we insist on following other system's harebrained ideas in the name of accountability, when these ideas don't even have the support of their own educators?