All Thoughts Lead To CEGSA.

I've been enjoying the holiday break and spending some quality time with the family. I went to Teachers Golf Day on the Monday at the wonderful Murray Bridge Golf Club. I was my usual inconsistent self mixing in two birdies with some atrocious holes including sailing a long tee shot over the out-of-bounds fence onto someone's gravel driveway. On Tuesday we took the boys to see Over The Hedge at the cinema. I still marvel at the amazing animation in children's films these days especially after we saw Cars the other week as well. The first ten minutes of that movie were a sensory spectacular - I loved the realistic shine and gleam on the animated cars as they jockeyed for position on the precisely detailed track, putting even an X-Box 360 to shame. I still have to consciously remind myself that the "wow" factor I experience isn't necessarily the same for my sons - in fact, because it is so "real" I wonder if the blurred distinction between the real world and animated world is impossible to detect in their malleable minds. Certainly, in my youth, cartoons like The Roadrunner Show and Huckleberry Hound didn't have that problem.

Every evening though, I fire up the laptop and spend some time tweaking and preparing for my blogging workshop at the upcoming CEGSA conference. Now North Americans might all head to NECC but in this part of the world, this conference is a big deal. So,I've been fussing over a Powerpoint slideshow that will serve as a backdrop/brain prompt/presentation tool and trying to observe some of the ideas and philosophies I've read over at Presentation Zen. I'm trying to keep text to short memorable phrases (Be a contributor, not just a consumer) and a simple colour scheme in line with the "less is more" approach. I went hunting through the Creative Commons section of Flickr for some handy images and ended up looking at Leigh Blackall's Networked Learning images. I loved the overcast sky on the first pic and that became the genesis of a simple idea for my own presentation. Armed with our Canon Ixus 500, I went out in the backyard and took some shots of the afternoon sky to use. My youngest child, Joshua, followed me out and I ended up pushing him on the swing for a fair while. This worked out well because the weather and clouds kept changing, presenting me with new potential backdrops.

One thing leads to another.... (Leigh's image first, followed by mine)
What's the point of this post? Not too sure but I think I've been somewhat influenced by the Daniel Pink book, "A Whole New Mind." If anyone couldn't tell, I've just finished the section on Design which is influencing the way I'm going to present my message. I've also read Story and some of my diagrams like my QuikMap of my Commenting Community will help with that aspect. Now to keep reading the section on Symphony to pull the whole thing together.
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2 thoughts on “All Thoughts Lead To CEGSA.

  1. Leigh Blackall

    But where are your slides now G? Don’t tell me you’re holding them to your chest till after your presentation? Is it free access to that BTW? What time is that in Adelaide time?

  2. Graham

    Post author

    Leigh, I am still working on the slides but when I’m finished, I will be posting my slides to the planning wiki where my notes for my joint presentation and solo workshop will be as well. You have to remember that this is my first time presenting to a broader audience so I’m not sure of what I should or shoudn’t be including and at what level to pitch things while you are very experienced in this sort of endeavour. However, it’s blogging that’s given me the confidence to both put my hand up for this sort of thing and the confidence that I have something worthwhile to say! I actually plan to reference a few of your ideas and resources in the workshop and I will definitely point out to my participants that having you on my Learning Network is a definite result of blogging. No, it’s not free access, the conference is a paid for affair (pretty cheap though, it cost me A$60 for two days) and I’m also attending stuff on online gaming, net safety, another Web 2.0 workshop and Peter Ruwoldt‘s workshop on wikis. That’s why Al and I are putting as much stuff as we can on our wiki (mostly stuff you’d already know about) so that participants have an online resource to use. There are 13 participants in my workshop (Thursday 2.15 – 3.45 pm CST) and a few are already bloggers – Jason Plunkett, Vonnie, Thangaes Waran and Al Upton so I hopeful of a positive enthusiastic bunch who can really learn from each other as much as me. Keep an eye on the wiki but I’ll let you know when I’ve got it all up and I’d interested to read your thoughts later on.

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