CEGSA Day 2 Keynote – Geoff Romeo

Geoff is involved in teacher education in Melbourne, Victoria. He believes there is confusion about why technology matters ~ a lot of tokenistic effort by teachers. Bottom up approach - linked to learning theory and how people learn. Top down - does the technology change the way people learn. Humans are flexible learners - used the example of mobile phones. Do we attend courses in how to use a mobile phone? I'll add the link to Geoff's presentation late when it's available ~ I'm struggling to pick out points to blog. I think I just need to listen.

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2 thoughts on “CEGSA Day 2 Keynote – Geoff Romeo

  1. Jason Plunkett

    Geoff Romeo has presented a similar presentation 2 years ago at the National Conference held in Adelaide.

    It was a little dissapointing that it was so similar. (The state conference was canned and we were requested to attend the national one in its place.)

    You can gets his notes that are similar her.e

  2. Artichoke

    It is always fun to be provoked into new thinking by a presentation – “Do we attend courses to learn how to use the mobile phone?” is an interesting thought. I am wondering if Geoff Romeo was making the same point as Stephen Downes does in his latest newsletter, but for different reasons

    Millions of people, working with no instruction at all, have managed to learn and master complex simulations and game-based online environments, and to transfer this knowledge to the real world. Thousands – maybe millions – of people working with nothing but an online community and a compiler have taught themselves how to program computers. It is therefore not rational to conclude that people cannot learn without an instructor.

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