International Middle Schooling Conference – Day Two Reflections

Today was another busy day at the Conference, which started with another engaging keynote this morning from Robyn Moore. As it was pointed out, most people in Australia would know her voice before they recognised her face - voices like the Spray'n'Wipe ads, How Green Is My Cactus? and Blinky Bill. She was a real dynamo, really sparking up the crowd with her insights on communication and the role of teachers in enriching students' lives. Suffice to say, most people left very energised - such a gifted speaker.

bookmark.gifI skipped the next session in order to get down to the Riverbank Rooms where our MYLU presentation was going to be held. I checked at the main desk to make sure that the ACTIVboard had arrived and was told that it would be set up as soon as the previous session had ended. It was getting tight for time as we had an 11.15 am start and we actually didn't get into the room until after 11. The setup guys were great and we got it all hooked up with a few minutes to go. Our bookmarks with the wiki address on it were distributed around the room and we got underway after an introduction from Judy Anderson, Learning Band Coordinator from SouthWest District who's worked closely with us this year. We got going and I think the whole presentation went pretty well. All the planning and sweating over the timing paid off and we'll see how many people contact us afterwards asking more about our program or add comments on the wiki. For a full look at the presentation, go to the wiki but I still have to upload the presentation as a ppt and pdf file and edit the audio that I recorded as well.

I also went to a interesting presentation on Rubrics by Kerry Sidthaway and finished off by going to another session from Donna Pendergast where she outlined the main findings from the MCEETYA funded research project into Middle Schooling - plenty of food for thought for the future of our own Middle School program.

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