Some Audio To Go With My Blogging Presentation

I've been playing around with as a storage spot - 1 G free account - for some of the recent presentations I've been a part of. also sits within Pageflakes so I could have a whole bunch of public files for anyone to access if I made my Pageflakes public. So here's the audio to go with my presentation from the recent CEGSA conference, as requested by a few members of my Learning Network. As always, feedback is much appreciated.

Blogging - 21st Century Learning Is Now! Audio recording download. Click here to listen or download from within Powerpoint show download and PDF download of presentation.

I have yet to dabble in podcasting properly so I won't call this audio that until I'm true to the definition. I'll do some audio for the workshop slides eventually and post those links here.

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5 thoughts on “Some Audio To Go With My Blogging Presentation

  1. Judy O'Connell

    Hi Graham,
    I stopped to listen to your audio of this session at the end of a busy day – which included a presentation I made called “Engaging the Google Generation through Web 2.0”. It was just right to finish the day listening to you and your blogging journey. Thanks!

    I think you tell a good story – one that can inspire teachers as well as show the power of Web 2.0.

    But even more fun for me was playing with while I was listening to you!

    Now all this is just wonderful sharing, and exactly what blogging allows. I have ‘accepted your invite’ and opened my own account. Plus I used the file sharing to drop a pdf of my presentation into you directly! I couldn’t upload the ppt, as the file was too big (yes, I had to talk about Web 2.0 without any internet access! so the file is over the 10mg upload limit). So that is my next challenge – reduce the file so I can share it. The session will also be prepared for podcast, so when I have that I will share that also.

    Well done for sharing your story! Next thing to do is look at your slides….after dinner…

  2. Graham Wegner

    Your slides were very impressive, Judy. Makes mine feel a bit homegrown but then again telling a personal story was my aim. A couple of issues I have discovered though- it doesn’t allow for direct linking (unless I upgrade, which goes against the “free-range” approach I have to using Web 2.0 tools) which means two clicks before anyone can check out my handiwork. I shouldn’t be stressed – you could possibly be the only one having a listen!

  3. Bill Kerr

    hi graham,
    I listened to your audio and synchronised with your slides – it was great! Your message that blogging is a great vehicle for teacher professional development / collaboration came across in a very convincing way.
    – Bill

  4. Aaron

    Hey Graham,

    Way to go! Congrats on your first podcast. (I think you can “legally” call this audio a podcast. You recorded it. You published it. You told the world. That, in my humble opinion, is a podcast.)The music and stuff is just padding.

    I just listened in and really enjoyed your story. I think it’s amazing to hear about your transition from your “simple” blogger account, to giving presentations to help other people get into blogging.

    I have learned so much from blogging. My world has literally grown, and so has my mind. Thanks for mentioning me, and thanks for being an important part of my own personal learning!

  5. Laurence

    I also think that pageflakes is really nice, I have a page that i created and I share with my friends of my class at school . It’s amazing because everybody can edit the webpage and update the content very easily, we even use flickr , and together.

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