3 thoughts on “New Comic Strip (+ Bonus Irony)

  1. Graham

    Post author

    Judy, two extra pieces of irony to add value to your comment – when I dreamed up the idea for the comic I had intended to create another frame that had a couple of educators trying to “capture” the Future Of Education in a Learner Management System but I forgot about it in the process of creation. Leigh Blackall has a great comic in a similar vein on Flickr. The other bit of irony is that while I poke fun again at educators mesmerised by IWB’s, I am currently uploading an audio file of my learning team’s presentation at the International Middle Schooling Conference to OurMedia (file size is too big for box.net) on the topic of using an IWB in the Middle School Classroom! As I’ve said before, in education, we’re all a bunch of hypocrites….

  2. Warrick

    Just came across your blog and I like it a lot. Love the cartoon too! I just got back from Adelaide (I think you’re in SA?) from the Curriculum Corporation conference and I might have been better off talking to you for an hour than some of the sessions I attended! Look forward to working through the blog-roll.

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