IWB Middle Schooling Presentation Audio Now Ready

After two weeks, I've finally organised the audio from the International Middle Schooling Conference presentation on "IWB's in the Middle School Classroom". I recorded it on the school's new iRiver T10 and the results weren't too bad with the built in microphone. After tidying it up in Audacity, I had a go at uploading it onto the web to link it in here. Originally, I tried uploading it here because I had read somewhere I could upload up to 25MB of files here but I didn't read the fine print of the 3MB limit of individual files! So, I tried my new box.net account but that has a limit of 10MB per file on their free account (you can upgrade that for a monthly fee.) So, it was off to create an account at ourmedia which required a download of SpinExpress for uploading large media files. I managed to do that but ourmedia then went down for the weekend and I only got access to the file's URL. So, if anyone is still interested (kinda pushing it here, I know) here are the complete set of resources from our well received presentation.

IWB's In The Middle School Classroom
Listen - (mp3 - 14MB) View - (flp, pps or pdf) Links & Notes - (wiki)
No more to be said about this particular event but be warned - I have a IWB presentation this weekend at an EChO (Early Childhood Organisation) conference and we're doing something for parents at my school next Wednesday evening. So this won't be an IWB free zone for long.

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