Daily Archives: August 26, 2006

Hi to all participants from this morning's presentation. I promised that if you looked at the website address on my business card, you'd end up here and I'd have some links to ideas and resources mentioned during the presentation.

Did You Know? powerpoint link at this post at the Fischbowl.

Lockleys North Primary School IWB blog, Activboarding.
Also, click on my Interactive Whiteboards category tag on the right hand side of this site.
IWB sites bookmarked - del.icio.us/iwb.user or del.icio.us/wegner/iwb or del.icio.us/wegner/interactive_whiteboards

Also, the wiki site from our Middle Schooling Conference presentation on IWB's has some worthwhile IWB resources and contain links to the Marc Prensky articles quoted.

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