Daily Archives: September 18, 2006


Last Thursday I had the privelege of a Skype conversation with Sydney based mobile-technologies-in-education advocate, Alexander Hayes as part of the Talking VTE series. We talked about the impact of emerging mobile technologies and their impact and possibilities for the primary school classroom - as usual with any conversation with Alex, I have my mind buzzing with new ideas and a realisation that I spend more time in contemplation and conversation than in implementation in this area! Anyway, have a listen to the podcast - link here - we covered some interesting ground.
Actually, the way Alex went about constructing the audio was really interesting as well. He had me download the latest version of Audacity and then record my conversation at my end as an mp3 file while he did the same synchronously on his PC. I then had to upload the resultant file to podomatic so that Alex could retrieve it and mix both tracks back into one conversation. The uploading took forever - or so it felt. Interestingly, Alex had suggested this conversation two evenings earlier when we exchanged a bit of Skype chat but as it was 10.30 pm already, I declined at the time. (Imagine how late that would have been - a hour chat plus an hour upload to podomatic! And later for Alex being an half hour ahead of my time!) Thanks, Alex, for the opportunity and I do have a mobile phone based lesson planned soon for my Year 5/6 class that will be fun.