One Of Those Days…..

The day looked promising enough the end of work, I'd had enough and my normally calm demeanour was showing a few cracks. It wasn't all bad though.

  • Started with a quick trip into school to brief the boss on things that unfurled during her two days away on conference - no problem.
  • Got down to the EDC and checked Bloglines via a web terminal in the reception area as I had left my laptop back in the classroom. Saw that Alex Hayes had left two comments on this blog - more fantastic food for thought. His responses had me mentally tuned to listen out for the word COMMUNICATION in the Leading Learning Conference day I was there to attend.
  • Unfortunately, the Conference was a bit of a letdown. Someone who was due to present couldn't and not much of substance was in its place. I was struggling to connect with the information - it wasn't giving me anything in terms of leadership development and the word COMMUNICATION was nowhere to be seen. Figures.
  • When I got back to school, the entrance to the carpark was blocked by a tree removal truck so I parked in the street in a No Standing zone, not operational until 3pm. I would just shift it later when the truck had gone. Of course I forgot and at 3.07 pm, I got a $50 parking fine. Not happy now.
  • Tried to pay some bills after work and found that credit card payment wasn't accepted - EFTPOS limit for the day couldn't cover it all (insurance bills) so I could only pay some of it and go back tomorrow.

I think I'd better tune into the FLNW feed and relax.........

Flickr Image - no standing by .steve.T

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