Daily Archives: October 15, 2006


I'm insanely jealous that a whole bunch of my Australian (and NZ) online peers are off to the Global Summit in Sydney this week. I did register for a forum to discuss some of the topics leading into the Summit but they closed it off to registered participants only from the beginning of October (which I thought wasn't a terribly inclusive or smart thing to do) locking out official wider discussion. Anyway, Al has sent out a list of useful links relating to the whole shindig as he is one of the few South Aussie educators that I know who is going! I suppose being the CEGSA Educator of the Year has to have some perks. It's not cheap - $795 a head but I'm sure that a few departments and districts are picking up the tab. I suspect there are a few TALOites participating (Alex Hayes, I think is one that springs to mind) and Judy O'Connell, one of the best Aussie edubloggers to emerge in the last six months will be there as part of a Catholic Ed. contingent. (I had to laugh the other day though when I was listening to a webcast presentation of hers when she said that the South Australians were leading the way in the blogosphere!! Yeah, all eight of us!)

There's a heap of great thinkers and speakers lined up to be part of this thing - Seymour Papert, George Siemens etc. but I'd love to be there when Leigh Blackall rolls out his "Teaching Is Dead, Long Live Teaching" presentation. Anyway, there will be a few informal opportunities for those of us who won't be there in Sydney as Al has outlined in this post. I'll check a few out inbetween my first week back at work and working hard on getting my K-12 Online Conference presentation ready. I'll blog about my preparations soon but David Warlick's keynote should be ready for download later this evening.