The Technology Bandwagon

I'm at PLOTPD training for three days (started today) which involves our leadership team for 2007 and so far, it's been pretty good. There certainly isn't any sitting in rows listening and taking notes - plenty of interaction. I'll just share two things here that stuck out for me today. After the ins and outs of the K12 conference, this quote seemed pretty apt:

The fundamental outcome of most communication is misunderstanding.
Scott, 2004.

We also did another exercise where all participants had to chose a photo from a selection that said something about yourself. My first reaction was to not choose anything at all but then I found this image. The Technology Bandwagon - in my professional setting, this is accurate because it seems to be leaving others behind, not everyone likes what they are hearing but those of us involved think it's pretty important. I can't post the image here because it's not CC but it was an interesting exercise. More later.

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