Daily Archives: November 7, 2006


The "When Night Falls" concept was quite ambitious. Run a 24 hour Skype-a-thon with volunteer moderators all signing up from all around the globe into slots listed on the wiki. As the culminating event to the fortnight long K-12 Online Conference, it was an opportunity for anyone involved in the conference - organiser, presenter or participant to meet together in a virtual space and chat at a time convenient to them. There was a chat venue provided at Tapped In and each Skype call covered an hour before reconvening in the next Skypecast with the next moderator. I first checked in at about 1.30 pm via the chatroom where Jennifer Wagner was about to launch her hosted hour. The kids were requiring my attention so I didn't don my headset and join in at that time. It was a very pleasant afternoon so we ended up taking the boys out to a playground and I didn't go back online until 8.30 pm. I ended up staying on for about two and a half hours and crossed paths with some fabulous educators in that time. The first hour was capably moderated by Vinny Green, and I had the pleasure of talking to the enthused and energetic Glenn E. Malone. He seemed to epitomise the ultimate K-12 Conference participant as he described the various presentations he had viewed and his pride at being in the winning team for Vicki Davis' wiki competition. Unfortunately for me, he assumed that because I'd produced a presentation on Overcoming Obstacles, that I'd have some words of wisdom worth sharing about spreading the word of online technology. I was less than eloquent in my response but it was excellent to make his acquaintance along with Chris Harbeck, a Maths teacher from Winnipeg, Canada who hosted the following hour. He got up at some unbelievable hour in the early Canadian morning to do this and his first ten minutes of Skype moderation was plagued by "human spam" - an unwelcome racist, Skypecast surfers looking to practice their English skills and an annoying Aussie who kept announcing, "Hey, I got a story to tell!" Once Chris cornered him, muted the non-participants and took a few minutes to get a well earned cup of coffee from his kitchen, there was some great conversation before the next hour started more quietly with Chris Betcher, Aussie teacher on exchange in Canada. Shortly, after a short time, it was time for me to say goodbye quietly via the chatroom as to not disturb the conversation unfolding and head to bed.

My Learning Network continues to widen.