Edublogs Upgrade And The Demise Of My Custom Blog Theme

Over the weekend, James implemented a major edublogs upgrade that promises lots of new features and capabilities so that the many thousands of us here can have up-to-date blogs that match it with the best of the blogosphere. Just looking at the new Write Post interface reveals new opportunities to embed new pieces of multi-media - insert YouTube clips, play podcasts from within the post and better support for Rock You shows and Flash. But my hacked custom theme has not survived the upgrade. My blogroll and Feeds & Links all disappeared including my Clustr Map. But I'm very conscious that imposing on James Farmer's busy schedule to solve that problem is too much to ask - especially if all 10,000 of us decided we want a personalised theme! So I went looking though the possible themes for a new look and after re-creating my own header image, a Regulus theme seems to be the best way to go. Now I know most of my readers probably read via aggregator and rarely check in on my actual blog unless they want to drop a comment in. Still, I was quite attached to my own old theme. I'm hoping the new one grows on me.

Update: For the second day in a row, my blog has defaulted to the standard Kubrick theme and I've gone back to change it. Very weird! Maybe like a new car, things just need to be run in...

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