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It's a little late but never too late to thank a few people for their kind contribution to my K-12 Online Conference presentation. When I was putting the whole thing together, I kept thinking if it's just me speaking - well, that could be a bit boring so wouldn't it be great if I asked a few other edubloggers for their input and opinion in an audio format. It might just work, and save me some work as well! Not that sloth was my motivating factor. The risk from my point of view was that I had no idea what any of them would have to say in response to my questions :- WHY IS WEB 2.0 IMPORTANT FOR EDUCATORS?

I even nearly had a heart attack when Rachel Jeffares started with the words, "Well, Web 2.0 isn't important at all..." or words to that effect but she does go on to clarify. So, I know my volunteers' blog addresses are all over on the wiki but traffic has died down since the conference and I wanted to give an online round of applause and maybe send a few more visitors over to their blogs to check things out. So, without any further ado, much gratitude and thanks to:

Mark Ahlness - from the city of Seattle, USA, his classroom insights are pure gold and he blogs about it all, successes and pitfalls.
Rachel Jeffares - read her blog and you'll realise just how multi-talented she is in the field of educational technology over there in the Shaky Isles.
Greg Carroll - another Kiwi who keeps me honest with insightful and provoking comments and runs a mean blog of his own.
Judy O'Connell - a leading Aussie edublogger in my mind, with a real passion for bringing Web 2 into schools.
Doug Noon - from Alaska, USA, he is so insightful, so honest, every post makes me think and that's no small accomplishment!
Jo McLeay - another Aussie, one of my biggest supporters since I started blogging. It is no wonder so many others are influenced by her writing.
Jedd Bartlett - Jedd brought a new perspective to my presentation, being a mate of Greg's and exceptionally savvy with many of the newest technologies.
Al Upton - this guy is a local (read Adelaide) legend and puts his money where his mouth is in regards to blogging in the classroom. I think he should look to link up with Mark's class.... and then Doug's....

Do yourself a favour - go read their blogs today for a great K-12 perspective and drop them a comment or two.