Daily Archives: November 15, 2006

Attribution: Image: 'Pappaw's card file' www.flickr.com/photos/88013032@N00/156934016

I know there are quite a few educators who upload and store their resources online and I'm not as diligent in that regard as I could be. But it can be a real lifesaver. Just as I would never bother with bookmarks on local machines any more - my del.icio.us account has replaced all of that - the next habit to cultivate is to automatically upload shareable resources to my online storage sites at box.net and archive.org.

I was due to lead a repeat of our Interactive Whiteboards presentation for our local Middle Schooling cluster. But as my work Tablet PC is currently in the repair shop, I discovered that the flipchart and notes embedded in an adapted Powerpoint I needed were still back on that hard drive. It's real proof that I'm not a digital native as much as I'd like to think, as I didn't think of accessing the files I was after from the web. That suggestion came from one of my colleagues, "Why don't you just download what you need from the MYLU wiki?"