Daily Archives: December 10, 2006


I had a bit of a promo yesterday for the Edublog Awards and the blogs I'd submitted for nomination getting on the shortlists. I was really chuffed that writers I really value have been given some recognition - that part's much more important than who wins or loses. But there's an ironic twist to this little story...

I'm not a terribly organised person - my boss would call me a "gunna" - I'm gunna do this and I'm gonna do that. So, after sending the noms in on the late afternoon of the deadline, I resolved that I was "gunna" go and get my votes in while it was front and centre in my brain. Stephen is right - quite a few TechLearning K-12 nominations there but my choices were trying to highlight gems away from the mainstream. Off I went to the Official Website (sorry for the breach, D'Arcy) and started logging my votes via the handy Survey Monkey tool. I got down to the Best Teacher blog and clicked on the link to cast my vote for Doug and I noticed something weird. At the bottom of the list was my blog - what the ...? Something was up. At first, I thought it was one of those displaying the logged in name thing on a website which shows you how little I really know about technology anyway. Then I thought there's been a typo, Josie's inserted this accidentally while cut'n'pasting because I was one of the people who sent nominations in (my blog address was on the bottom of the e-mail) so I emailed her and said as much.

This afternoon after my Sunday morning golf round, I checked my e-mail and it turns there was a mistake. The mistake however was that someone (or someones) did actually nominate my blog but Josie had accidentally left it off the main page of the site. So now I'm feeling a bit strange - part of me wants to write here "Don't waste your vote, vote for Borderland" but that could be a bit insulting to those who did put my name forward. (And I can tell you it wasn't me - self promotion was something that hasn't been that successful in my life.) But another part is quite pleased to have the recognition - that's enough to leave me a happy little edublogger. And if you don't want to vote for this blog, at least fill out my little survey in the sidebar!