Daily Archives: December 18, 2006


Let me start by offering my sincere congratulations to all of this year's Edublog Awards winners. I am currently listening to the podcast of the awards ceremony (from EdTech Talk) and still reflecting what winning might mean to the winners, and what not winning means to the others. As Alex said,

It is an honour to be recognised for making an effort, to be considered and included and most of all to be able to share with others the things that I’m experiencing as an educator.

With that in mind, I will be sticking my official Nominee badge on this blog, especially as a message to those who I encounter who think this is a geeky hobby that doesn't have any real benefits. But I would be lying if I was nonchalant about the results, especially as this blog was listed in the Best Teacher Blog category. However, I was not staying up after midnight to listen to the skypecast! I had intended to go and play in the Teachers' Golf Day but an overnight family illness kept me at home this morning. So, at about 10.30 am I snuck onto the computer to see how Teaching Generation Z (pronounced Zed here in Australia!) had fared. Well, Have Fun with English! 2 was the winner and that's great but how did everyone else go? It would be interesting to know (a) the exact number and complete list of nominations and (b) the exact voting stats from SurveyMonkey. Luckily, Josie decided to add a percentage graphic to give some idea of how the voting patterns had fallen out.


Actually after seeing that, maybe I was better off with less data! Ouch - I was officially Mr. 5.4%. Now if I was a whiz at Mathematics (maybe Darren could work this out) I could work out when analysed alongside of the other percentages, what the actual number was likely to be. But it's bringing back memories of my less-than-stellar schooldays athletic prowess where my best result in the 100m sprint was an equal last. (At least I wasn't alone in last place!) Anyway, better keep that quote from Alex in mind before I ask for someone to pass me the sour grapes juice.