Daily Archives: December 25, 2006


The five things meme has finally caught up with me via Doug "Left-Handed" Noon and although I risk a mass of people unsubscribing with my dodgy viewpoints, I'll play. (Although, I had never encountered the word "meme" before blogging.) Hey, the worst that can happen is that I'm confirmed to be as boring as people have suspected!

1. I am a reasonable cartoonist, developed during many childhood summers spent drawing my favourite cartoon characters, developing new characters of my own and creating comic strip adventures in the remaining blank pages of that year's school exercise books. My favourite characters were all from the Hanna-Barbera stable (Quickdraw McGraw, Atom Ant, Top Cat etc.) and my own creations shared the same features - cats that had fur jutting out the side of their heads, horses with dopey expressions and straight edged mouthlines and of course, sunglasses Banana Splits style to make them look cool. Of course, it's one thing to draw the characters - it's another thing to come with decent storylines and punchlines. I'm still working on that part of the deal.

2. I went to boarding school here in Adelaide for the five years of my secondary schooling. I don't have many fond memories of that time but the school did help to shape some of my views on religion (in a negative way), show me what uninspiring teaching looked like and demonstrated that private schools have nothing over their public school counterparts in terms of quality teaching or concern for student welfare.

3. I'm a teetotaller, not because I am against alcohol (used to enjoy a cold beer) but I have an allergic reaction to alcoholic drinks that turns my face red - not a pretty sight - so I stick to soft drink instead.

4. My only sporting achievement of any note was having a hole-in-one playing golf. Let's see if I recall any of the details - hmmm... 27th Jan, 2001, sunny day, competition round, 9th hole, Flagstaff Hill Golf Club, 136 metres, 6-iron, pin cut right hand side at the back, ball hit on lowish trajectory bouncing twice on the green before lodging itself between hole's edge and flagstick. Oh the ball? A Strata No.3.

5. I don't believe in God. I'm probably best unofficially described as a Skeptic, although I find the concept of organised religions to be quite interesting.

To keep this particular ball bouncing around the edublogosphere, I'd like to tag Alex Hayes, Rachel Jeffares, Al Upton, Kim Cofino and Aaron Nelson. Have fun...