Best of ’06

Scott McLeod over at Dangerously Irrelevant suggests that edubloggers post their 10 best posts of 2006. He says:

I found some really great posts last year that I had missed because some bloggers did this.

I'll trackback so that Scott can check these out. I did do a Top 10 list back in July so I won't repeat those. That can be my number one.

I’m A Hypocrite - How About You?
My Workshop Reflections
A Request For My Learning Network (You need to read the comments to gain full value)
Scam Savvy Students
New Comic Strip (+ Bonus Irony)
StartPages - A Quick Comparison
Networks Of Expertise
Social Networking Down Under

I was quietly pleased at how these posts have covered a decent amount of territory and represent my learning curve pretty well over the year. Some of them even read quite well. For any newer subscribers, this could be a good list to have a look through. Enjoy.

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