CoComment Saves A Comment From Oblivion

I've found another reason to use the CoComment tool - I was just posting a comment to Rachel's Bard Wired blog, did the Word Verification bit and then hit Post and got the Google "Sorry - there was an error" page. Normally, that means go back to the post, regather my composure and thoughts and try and recreate the comment again. No need with CoComment, because it sent a copy of my comment to itself before letting the Blogger interface try and process my comment. I simply went to my CoComment account and cut'n'pasted it back into the post again.

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2 thoughts on “CoComment Saves A Comment From Oblivion

  1. Alexander Hayes

    Sounds like a great tool Graham. I’ve saved it to and sent it out to the network It’s things like these that we should be sending through to the TALO wiki tools page.

  2. Rachel

    Thnx for that Graham i have just set it up. I had some problems with comments awhile ago on your site & i think i ended up emailing them to u 🙂 oops just got to remember to hit the cocomment button b4 i submit (another reason maybe to go back to FireFox)


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