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Just checked my e-mail and got this from the CrispyNews folks re: my new account I was planning to use with my class.

We've decided to shift our business to enterprise customers and the CrispyIdeas product. To focus our energies, we need to close down many of our ad-supported communities. We are planning on deactivating your site on January 24th. Our records show the following site to be deactivated:


If you would like to continue to maintain a similar site, you may be interested in looking at an open source alternative, Pligg (www.pligg.com). We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your support.


The CrispyNews Team

Chris Craft highlighted pligg in a comment to my prior post on this topic and his example looked great. However I was hoping to use something freely hosted that other teachers could pick up and run with - a bit like the difference between having an edublogs account or installing WordPress on your own hosted site. If I lack confidence or am too stingy to go down that route, what chances are there for the less technically confident? Oh well, back to the drawing board.