8 thoughts on “Another Great Web 2.0 Video Presentation

  1. Wara

    This is a great video. View in the comfort of your blog again and again and again.

    Things are changing in a way that appeals to my sense of right and wrong. I reckon that if my ancestors were to be around to see the potential impact of web2.0 and the open movement on education they would would be as excited as i am.

    I am sorry if this happens not to be available from the school’s/department’s internet service. [suspicion is that it it will be filtered out] It is worth making the effort to view this video from home or else come to the computer rooms where one of the IT staff can provide a filter override – it is worth it!!!!


  2. Graham Wegner

    Thanks, Wara, for the comment. I wasn’t going to put this video on my blog because so many others were already featuring it but as you said, YouTube is blocked in our SA schools so watching it from within this blog is one way to circumvent the filters. There may also be some people reading this blog who may not be widely reading the edublogosphere so it is important that they get to see it. This video is also a challenge to how we get information across to other professionals – an article in a magazine or a keynote at a conference is not the only way to impart this vital information to our educationla colleagues. Hypertext and digital video are legitimate ways of communication that the “traditional literacies” might find threatening.

  3. Miss Profe

    I have seen this particular YouTube clip several times, and it is a powerful conveyance re: how we communicate today. Linking and hypertexting connects people, places and ideas in ways that weren’t even imaginable ten years ago. And, as I was reading via another YouTube clip, video is a vital medium for the sharing of information and ideas.

    Re: YouTube: I would really like to have my Spanish students create film shorts using it. Now, wouldn’t THAT be powerful?

  4. John P

    Hi Graham,

    You may be interested in the 2005 Poynter online article about EPIC 2014 at http://johnp.wordpress.com/. I enjoy the other 2 movies mentioned too and was taken in by the story of Teddy’s teacher at http://www.teachermovie.com/ until I read the credits that “confessed” the story is a work of fiction. Thought provoking nonetheless.

    The Karl Fisch Connected Classroom video presented on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vC928e629iM is also pretty interesting.

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  6. mscofino

    Thanks for sharing the Epic 2015 video, Graham. I hadn’t seen that one yet – despite the fact that I see it’s nearly 2 years old 😉 I think I’m going to have to start a collection of these videos for myself, for future reference… You never know when they will come in handy…

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